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JoAmber is a name that is synonymous with words like Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, and Multi-Award Winner.  Formerly known as Amber Felicia, this Latino all-around singing sensation has created a pathway through which listeners can dance and bond fondly altogether, as they delight their beings with either the best Mexican-influenced Cumbia sounds, traditional Mariachi, Country, Reggaeton, R&B, or Pop music, as well as excelling as a professional dancer for over 20 years.

Music-wise, she’s equally proficient in various genres of music.  Her musical essence is a modern Reggaeton fused with Mexican-influenced Cumbia styles. A prolific songwriter, producer, arranger, and also music video director. JoAmber has won, to date, a total of 15 New Mexico Music Awards and has had her music played on 11 different radio stations across the Southwest region. Her fanbase keeps growing exponentially, residing mostly in the Southwest region such as New Mexico, Texas,  Southern Colorado, and California. She has been featured on Estrella TV “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento”, with her latest single, “Tus Mentiras” burning up the charts. Amber adds,  “The English songs are about personal struggles as a Latina growing up in a neighborhood around, gangbangers, drug dealers, and other things I’ve experienced personally, with a more universal style than your stereotypical cholo/a music”.

Her debut CD,  INTRODUCCION was released in July 2000 and put the industry on notice that a new femme fatale force in the Latin Pop field had made her illustrious foray into the professional music business. Her second CD, PREMIADO was released in 2002, of which two featured songs made it to top 10 hit lists on various radio stations… with one making it to number 1 (“QUE CREIAS”). This particular CD release also earned her nominations from radio stations and record stores as Entertainer of the Year, CD of the Year, and Song of the Year through the NM Hispano Entertainer's Association. In February 2011, she released her all-original R&B album project (“MY FIRST TIME”), shocking her fans with her soulful side. She followed up with an EP in 2014 CAPTIVATE MY MIND that continued her legacy of creative consistency.

As a professional dancer, JoAmber Armijo has performed all over California, as well as in other States. She’s currently a member of the women-empowering dance association, “Dancers with Curves” which specializes in cultivating excellence and appreciation of the art of Latin dances such as Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and Hip Hop through training, education, and performance, to build confidence through inclusivity of all shapes and sizes.  JoAmber fuses dancing into her performances and music videos as well, which makes her stand out among so many talented new musicians nowadays trying to get on the radar of listeners.

At a young age, even though JoAmber didn’t speak fluent Spanish, she started pursuing her destiny to become a top musician by learning a Spanish song by Selena and performing it in front of her parents. As a result, they became more aware of her gifts and have supported her until now. Selena “The Queen of Tejano” influenced her to finally decide to introduce herself in the discography industry. She’s also highly influenced by Linda Ronstadt, Alicia Villareal, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Rihanna.  Amber was organically influenced by her heart to conquer the discography industry because the art of music has been instilled fondly in the ancestral family tree throughout generations. Having had to fight to maintain her unmitigated right to record, perform and continue her creative climb in the music industry; survived abusive relationships at the controlling hands of insecure men, gang-related violence brought to her front doorstep, and unfortunate bouts of her postpartum depression. This soul-singing survivor is the personification of radiance, resilience, and brilliance; as she takes full creative control of her vocal arrangements, performance presentations, as well as her groundbreaking music videos.

JoAmber Armijo has been working diligently in the music field for over 20 years pursuing her dreams and she is seasoned and ready to expand her horizons by reaching the masses with her music. The new single, “Tus Mentiras'', was released April, 11th 2023 via Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves/ Universal and is available on all music platforms. It was produced and written by Michael Figueroa aka Mikkomusik. The song is infused with traditional Mexican cumbia sounds and soft hints of reggaeton. It was inspired by the braveness required of every resilient woman who breaks free from abusive relationships and returns to her sense of self-worth. JoAmber states, “I’ve been lied to and cheated on in most of my relationships, and this song is about a woman taking back her power. Once we are done, we are DONE! That’s how this song relates to me”.

Amber Felicia is one of many people that understands that the secret to living is giving. Once we reach the apex of our careers it is essential to fulfill deep human needs because serving something greater than ourselves is a way to create more significant purpose and meaning in life.  Finding new ways for District school employees to be more recognized since they inspire and mold new generations is one of the ways how JoAmber will give back to the universe as well as, providing learning materials and education for public schools, and the availability of modern holistic services for addiction treatment for homeless and low-level income people.  JoAmber adds: “I’ve deeply loved several people who have been dependent and turned away from such centers after answering questionnaires because somehow, they didn’t qualify for treatment. EVERYBODY who wants help beating a drug problem should be able to receive treatment”. 

The Multi-talented star will continuously release new singles this year as she prepares herself mentally, physically, and spiritually for upcoming shows and a  promotional press tour. Since this renaissance woman’s work is never done, be assured that the best is yet to come!



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